Place a free VoIP test call!

Have you ever wondered what a VoIP call sounds like? Well, it sounds just like a regular call but the cost benefits can be great compared to standard land line companies like MTS. There are no restrictions on long distance calling times (i.e. long distance charges won't change during certain hours or be less on weekends, it's always cheaper with VoIP), and many of the 'extra' features your land line phone company charges you extra for are included with our VoIP phone services, like Caller ID and Call Waiting for example.

If you have never heard the quality of a VoIP call and would like to try a VoIP call to hear it for yourself, you can do so right now by using your standard land line equipment. What we do is use VoIP to call your phone number, and then we use VoIP to call your friend's number and connect you to it through VoIP. You won't be charged long distance for the VoIP call even if your friend's number is normally a long distance call when placed from your land line phone number.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a try.
      It's simple to use:
1) Enter your phone number with area code.
2) Enter your friend's phone number with area code.
3) Click CALL NOW.
Your Phone Number:   (i.e. 2043456789)
Your Friend's Phone Number:   (i.e. 4319876543)
Notes: When using this test page, it is best to use a land line for your phone number and your friend's phone number as mobile (cell) phones do not have as high of quality, but mobile (cell) phones will still work with this form. Also, do not enter ( ) or - in the boxes, only enter the 10 digit numbers for us to dial. For this free test, International calling as well as some calls to Canada and/or the continental USA have been disabled (i.e. 800/833/844/855/866/877/888 are free non-geographic numbers, 808 and 907 are non-continental higher rate USA numbers, 867 is a higher rate Canadian number, 500/700/900/950/976 are premium rate numbers and not allowed on our networks). A record of your current IP address, as well as your phone number and your friend's phone number that you enter above will all be logged to prevent abuse of this form.

Area Code Maps:   Canada    USA

(Note: All calls will be logged.)
Here's what happens after you press CALL NOW:
  - Your phone will ring.
      Note: The CallerID you will see on your phone will be from 12049812666. This # is not a mobile (cell) phone or land line.
  - Pick up, wait for the message to play and then confirm by pressing the correct number to continue.
  - Your friends phone will ring next.
      Note: Your phone number will be displayed as the CallerID on your friends phone if they subscribe to CallerID.
  - If your friend picks up and answers, have fun talking!

Can you notice any difference in how the call sounds compared to a standard land line call? Probably not, yet from this point on, your call is using VoIP to connect you to your friend and the call is on us, even if it is normally long distance for you to call your friend!